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Tour Solution Packages
Area 51's exclusive tour solution packages for live bands help artists to get on the road with their music. Each tour solution package is individually tailored and clearly costed so that we create the right tour for you.

Whether you are a new band who wants to break out of your local circuit, or a management company who wants to promote several of your bands by touring the UK, we can provide you with a cost effective solution.

To request an information package please send an email with a few details about your band(s) (including a website URL if you have one) to:

You can get a rough idea of the budget involved from the figures below.

"My band Electric Six has toured the UK over 20 times. Area 51 Touring has been there since tour number one and we wouldn't think about going with anyone else. Whether we roll into Glastonbury in the pouring rain or turn up to play a toilet in Wrexham or Hull, Area 51 has gotten us there in comfort and style.

We have also used their tour management expertise to plan out 5 to 6 week tours all over the UK and as far away as Japan and South America. Area 51 tour management will always put your needs first, help you make the most of the money you earn, and most importantly, keep you in line so you don't kill yourself with alcohol poisoning."

Dick Valentine - Lead Vocals Electric Six

Tour Type
10 date UK
Tour Budget Guaranteed Return Potential Return
Bare Bones
10 date UK
£4395 £750 £4850
Bare Bones
£9381 £1450 £14350
10 date UK
£20609 £2850 £25600
20 date UK
£38857 £6425 £47682
Solo Artist
20 date UK
£32560 £2450 £50700
It can be really difficult to get your break in the music industry. Often its more about who you know, than how you perform. Without the right support even successful recording artists can struggle to earn a living from playing live. Our tour support packages offer you the chance to get out there and play to your audience.